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The USS MOORE NCC 17015 is a Ambassador-class Starfleet vessel commissioned on stardate 65520 and is assigned to Starfleet Command Quadrant One's Starbase Six.  The Moore's first captain, FCAPT JP Coree, has since taken the ship to new frontiers while exploring the extra-ordinary worlds.  

   CAPT Chris Brown is the current CO and his First Officer, Commander Steve Martin run a tight ship with a dynamic crew.  Other officers include: Ensign Jennifer Baldwin, Chief of Operation; Ensign Curtis White, Chief Engineer; Crewman Christina Brooks, Chief Medical Officer; Crewman Michael Marquess, Security Chief; Crewman Kelly Frodge, Science Officer.

Starfleet Command: Quadrant One

Starfleet Command is one of the worlds oldest Trek fan club organizations.  Since our start in 1974, Quadrant One has grown to encompass five national regions (Starbases) with local clubs (ships)  all across the United States and Canada. Our goal is to promote the ideas found in Star Trek and provide a forum for the free, unencumbered exchange of ideas, views and beliefs as we endeavor to learn about ourselves and others.

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Rank matches position
Chris Brown finally gets his promotion to full CAPTAIN at Starbase Indy '16! 

Godspeed, sir!



The USS MOORE, as of 21JAN17, has successfully completed her first five year mission as a ship within Starfleet Command.  During this time, The MOORE has increased in size with regards to both crew and notoriety.  She has been awarded with multiple awards as well as providing officers to serve in higher flag positions within the fleet, such as two starbase commanders and various Admiralty board positions.

Congratulations to the USS MOORE and  her crew!  We are looking forward to see what the next five years have in store!

If a member would like to have a unit citation to wear on their personal uniform, please contact FCAPT Coree for more details.

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How strong is your fandom?  Do you have what it takes to be a Starfleet officer, or for that matter, a Starfleet Captain?  Join one of the oldest Star Trek fan clubs in the world and realize your dreams.

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