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Trekkers Against Bullying (TABNation)

There has been a large outcry lately over the issue of bullying.  Kids are being bullied for things that, in most cases, are outside of their control.  

There is a war going on right now of finger pointing and blaming others for the causes of these many issues.  On one side, we have people saying that the bullies are responsible for the travesties they cause and the mean hurtful things they say.  On another side, we have some people that say that blame lies on the parents of either the bullies or the bullied because of their lack of teaching propriety or teaching to take things people say with a grain of salt.  And yet another group of people say the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the one being bullied to begin with for making themselves a target.

As Star Trek fans, who have probably been so since long before we can remember, we can remember the days of being called nerds, geeks, and other such names that I will refrain from using as the list could be endless.  Turn and look at the fact that Star Trek, through out its many incarnations, has gone on to show a brighter world where this does not happen.  Differences are respected, tolerated, and even encouraged.  From the very beginning with having a black woman as an officer of the bridge, to her kiss with the captain to the inclusion of multiple different races, creeds, religions, sexes, and preferences being welcomed into the United Federation of Planets.  Star Trek has pushed the limits and been cheered for it.  One of the cornerstones of our own organization is Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations!

Star Trek preaches this emphatically.  Teasing, bullying, and pushing people around isn't tolerated.  As a matter of fact, the Federation makes it a point to come to the defense of those that are bullied and standing up for the little people, so to speak.  Each of the great captains of the series have in one way or the other made it a point to stand in the way of a phaser or a torpedo to come to the defense or aid of those being persecuted.  


Here at TABNation, we all agree that differences are to be respected.  We all agree that bullying is wrong.  We all agree that Star Trek has not only helped culture this but in many cases exposed us to the reality that everyone is different.  People should be judged on their character and their actions not their looks, race, sex, age, or preference.  This is what we stand for.  This what we hope for and our goal is simply to rally those with like minds…

Upcoming Events

This year, Trekkers Against Bullying plans on being at Starbase Indy for its convention appearance.  A booth has been designed, the flyers are receiving their final touches, and our new T-shirt designs are almost ready for ordering.  This will be a very exciting time for the TABNation!

This will be the first major convention that Trekkers Against Bullying will attend.  Because of this, i will be spending the majority of my free time doing what i can to prepare for it.  R&D, lots of designing, prototyping and ordering is in my future.


Trekkers Against Bullying set up next to the Starfleet Command booth.  It generated quite a bit of interest from the general public.  We only sold a few of the custom shirts that we had designed for the event, but overall it's ok.

The Gear You'll Need..

Want to show your support?

You can get this 11” x 17” Poster,

Hang it in your office!

Hang it in your room!

Hang it in your class!

Bullying is wrong, show your support by displaying proudly your sign that symbolizes that bullying will not be tolerated. The more we get out there the further the message gets. Lets stop bullies in their treks!

Just send $5 to:

521 W. 30th Street,Davenport, IA 52803 

Wear the gear and show your support wherever you go. Join the growing group of supporters with a TAB shirt. Show the world how you feel about bullying.

Shirt comes in grey or white.  The Tab Print Logo on the right chest and the poster design on the back with the slogan of "Stop Bullies In Their Treks!"

Cost for shirt is $25 XXL and Larger are $2 extra

Please send your shirt color and size request to:

521 W. 30th Street,
Davenport, IA 52803

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